Density of Solids, Liquids and Gases – Worksheet


Worksheet to accompany the online lesson Density of Solids, Liquids and Gases.

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density of solids liquids and gases worksheet


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Worksheet Contents

  • This worksheet covers:
  • Defining density
  • Calculating density
  • Liquids
  • Regular solids
  • Irregular solids
  • Comparing densities of solids, liquids and gases
  • Density layering
  • Effect of temperature on density
  • Effect of pressure on density of gases
  • Includes:
  • Unit outline.
  • Cloze activity (fill in the blanks).
  • Short-answer questions.
  • Calculation questions.
  • Extension questions.
  • Topics for further research.
  • Teacher version containing complete answers.
  • Aligned to the Australian Year 8 Science curriculum.
  • 8 pages.

Learning Outcomes

  • By the end of this worksheet students will be able to:
  • ☑   Describe density.
  • ☑   Express density as a mathematical relationship between mass and volume.
  • ☑   Calculate the density of regular and irregular solids.
  • ☑   Describe and explain the layering of substances with different densities.
  • ☑   Explain how temperature and pressure can affect the density of a substance.


This resource is also included in the Year 8 Chemistry PDF Workbook.


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