Heating Copper Sulfate – Practical


Practical experiment to accompany the lesson The Scientific Method.

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heating copper sulfate practical laboratory experiment


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Practical laboratory experiment involving the heating and rehydrating of copper sulfate powder.

  • Students will develop skills in:
  • Viewing objects under a dissecting microscope.
  • Safe use of Bunsen burners.
  • Group work.
  • Making inferences about observations.
  • Students will learn:
  • How objects can changed their appearance under different environmental conditions.
  • That inferences need to be tested before a definite conclusion can be made.
  • Full prac report format, including discussion questions.
  • Includes detailed teacher notes and answers.
  • Aligned to the Australian Year 7 Science curriculum.
  • 5 pages.


This resource is also included in the Year 7 Chemistry PDF Workbook.


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