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Online Course for Year 10 Physics (Australian Curriculum)

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Distance and Displacement, Speed and Velocity


About the Year 10 Physics Online Course

  • The Year 10 Physics Course consists of high-quality, in-depth lessons.
  • Each lesson is broken up into smaller, digestible topics.
  • At the end of each topic is a short interactive topic quiz for checking understanding.
  • The Year 10 Physics Course contains a total of 157 quiz questions.

    Course Contents

    The Year 10 Physics Course includes the following lessons:

  • Distance and Displacement, Speed and Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Distance-Time Graphs and Displacement-Time Graphs
  • Speed-Time Graphs
  • Measuring Motion Using a Ticker Timer
  • Overview of Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Newton’s First Law of Motion
  • Newton’s Second Law of Motion
  • Newton’s Third Law of Motion
  • Work and Power
  • Mechanical Energy
  • Energy Transfer and Transformation

    Coverage of the Australian Science Curriculum

    Year 10 Physics – Science Understanding

  • Energy conservation in a system can be explained by describing energy transfers and transformations (ACSSU190).
  • The motion of objects can be described and predicted using the laws of physics (ACSSU229).

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