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Online Course for Year 9 Chemistry (Australian Science Curriculum)

year 9 science chemistry online course australian curriculum

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Atoms in Elements and Compounds


About the Year 9 Chemistry Online Course

  • The Year 9 Chemistry Course consists of high-quality, in-depth lessons.
  • Each lesson is broken up into smaller, digestible topics.
  • At the end of each topic is a short interactive topic quiz for checking understanding.
  • The Year 9 Chemistry Course contains a total of 179 quiz questions.

    Course Contents

    The Year 9 Chemistry Course includes the following lessons:

  • Atoms in Elements and Compounds
  • Structure of Atoms
  • Atomic Number, Mass Number and Isotopes
  • Electron Configuration (Elements 1-20)
  • Radioactivity
  • Formation of Ions and Ionic Compounds
  • Naming Ions and Ionic Compounds
  • Determining the Formula for Ionic Compounds
  • Writing Balanced Chemical Equations
  • Acids, Bases and pH
  • Acid-Base Reactions
  • Acid-Metal Reactions
  • Combustion and Corrosion
  • Respiration and Photosynthesis

    Coverage of the Australian Science Curriculum

    Year 9 Chemistry – Science Understanding

  • All matter is made of atoms that are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons; natural radioactivity arises from the decay of nuclei in atoms (ACSSU177).
  • Chemical reactions involve rearranging atoms to form new substances; during a chemical reaction mass is not created or destroyed (ACSSU178).
  • Chemical reactions, including combustion and the reactions of acids, are important in both non-living and living systems and involve energy transfer (ACSSU179).

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