About the Workbooks

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Each workbook contains a comprehensive set of questions and activities designed to be used in conjunction with the Good Science Online Courses or Lesson Notes (but can be completed without these).

They contain a mixture of question types, covering simple recall through to higher order thinking, including:

   ☑   Cloze activities
   ☑   Short-answer questions
   ☑   Extension questions
   ☑   Topics for further research

Workbooks also include:

   ☑   Unit outlines
   ☑   Learning checklists

All workbooks come with a separate teacher version containing comprehensive answers.

Workbooks come in a non-editable PDF format with unlimited printing rights within the purchasing school.


Links to the Australian Curriculum

All workbooks are aligned to the Australian curriculum, covering (as a minimum) all Content Descriptions and Elaborations of the Science Understanding strands. See individual product pages for more information.