“The Good Science resources are so awesome! They helped me get my Year 10 Science students’ background knowledge in Chemistry up to the Year 9 standard before we started on the Year 10 content. Without Good Science, these students would not have had to opportunity to cover all the necessary content needed from previous years as quickly and as successfully as we did and then build on that knowledge successfully with Year 10 content. I look forward to more Good Science resources being developed, as the benefits for both teachers and students are amazing!”

V. S. – Dysart State High School, QLD


“As a first year teacher finding resources is often a challenge. These workbooks provide a fantastic resource, the cloze activities help me to ensure that I am incorporating literacy in the science classroom, and other activities help reassure me that I am teaching content at the required level for each grade. The many extension questions and further research prompts are great for differentiation for more advanced students. The online content is great for students who may have missed the lesson, need to clarify their thoughts, or for a substitute teacher. Customer service has also been amazing. I look forward to more content being created.”

K. Mathews – Prospect High School, TAS


“The Good Science website is fantastic and the workbooks are comprehensive and very useful. I really love these resources and can’t wait for more.”

G. Whitelum – St Luke’s Anglican School, QLD


“The Good Science resources have been really helpful for revision purposes and for helping our lower literacy students to learn the concepts. The flashcards have been good for developing vocabulary and for making word walls for the classroom. I look forward to more resources.”

G. Hey – Delany College, NSW


“The resources are great and the students are loving the structured and easy to follow content as we are moving at a fast pace. The website is well organised the key learning was clearly explained and direct. The students found it easy to use as well.”

C. Gray – The Springfield Anglican College, QLD


“The website is awesome, and combined with the PDF workbooks, is a great resource for students. It has been extremely useful for remote teaching this year.”

C. Davies – Braemar College, VIC