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Year 7 Chemistry Print Workbook Australian Curriculum

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Coverage of the Australian Curriculum

Year 7 Chemistry – Science Understanding

  • Mixtures, including solutions, contain a combination of pure substances that can be separated using a range of techniques (ACSSU113)

Workbook Content

  1.   Introduction to the Science Laboratory
      1.1   Laboratory Equipment and Scientific Diagrams
      1.2   The Bunsen Burner
      1.3   The Scientific Method
      1.4   Practical Reports
      1.5   Branches of Science

  2.   Mixtures
      2.1   Pure Substances and Mixtures
      2.2   Solutions and Solubility
      2.3   Separation of Mixtures

  3.   Practical Experiments
      3.1   Boiling Water Using a Bunsen Burner
      3.2   Making Observations in Science
      3.3   Heating Copper Sulfate
      3.4   Identifying Pure Substances and Mixtures
      3.5   Soluble and Insoluble Substances
      3.6   Filtration and Evaporation
      3.7   Making a Water Filter
      3.8  Magnetic Separation
      3.9  Separating Ink Using Paper Chromatography

Includes teacher version containing comprehensive answers for all worksheets (supplied as PDF).

80 pages

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